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We believe your entrepreneurial activities should take center stage. Your company is shaped by your individual personality. The company is you: you and your employees. We handle the essentials behind the scenes so you can concentrate fully on your business−out there in the marketplace, talking to customers, suppliers and competitors.

We think beyond the numbers. We think of you too!

qualified employees are there for you!

From establishing your company to your business plan, budgeting, accounting, payroll accounting, financial controlling, business consulting and insurance coverage, succession planning or liquidation, we are the partner you can depend on at all the important milestones in your business planning−for a promising future.


Rodolfo Intaglietta

Fiduciary with swiss examination
Swiss certified expert for accounting and controlling
General Manager, CEO


Accounting increases your success

We will show you how to make the most of your money. We call a spade a spade because the numbers speak for themselves. So as your partner we are always looking ahead. You just tell us where you want to go, and we will recommend the route and the pace. With us, you can play it safe yet push forward at the same time.

We have expertise in the following accounting standards: OR, Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS/IAS and US-GAAP.

  • Financial accounting
  • Full and variable costing
  • Budgeting
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Securities accounting
  • Asset accounting
  • Balance sheet and income statement
  • Billing system
  • Payments
  • Debt collection

We think beyond the numbers. We think of you too!


A new era has begun in the outsourcing of accounting services

What is E-Accounting?

1. Scan your receipts to record them digitally!

The days of folders bursting with receipts and endless waiting for assessments are well and truly over - ancient history! The software can be activated within minutes and is available for use immediately in your office. You do not need any accounting know-how, nor should you be afraid that it is difficult to use.

2. Work at ONE! Treuhand GmbH

It is up to you how often you scan and send the receipts. Daily, weekly, monthly, sporadically. Everything is possible. Instead of paper receipts, bookings are made on the basis of digital versions. That is the only difference. If you have made notes, this will make the accounting work easier and avoid queries.

3. You Have the Latest Data

Now, a whole array of benefits starts to take effect for you as a client of ONE! Treuhand GmbH.

This is more than just a little technical progress - it is a completely new way of working that, despite the external service provision, has the feel of an in-house process for the company. Once you have tried out this new method, you won’t want to go back.

Instead of punching and filing ...

It really is as simple as it looks: instead of punching and filing, just run each receipt through the scanner. No technical or accounting expertise required - it really is just the touch of a button. Anyone in your office can do this work.

We think beyond the numbers. We think of you too!


Good tax consulting saves serious money


Every year a tax return lands on your doormat. We analyze your situation from a taxation standpoint and find the best solution for you. We handle your tax return professionally, comprehensively and promptly.


We will submit your tax return promptly. Once we have all your documentation, you have nothing else to worry about. We will show you how and where you can save on taxes. Our job is to claim your rights.


We also analyze your value added tax potential. We will show you how to optimize your VAT accounting and are happy to answer any legal questions involving value added taxation.

We think beyond the numbers. We think of you too!


We Value Your Employees.

Any company is only as good as its employees. Together with us, you can look after the people that have joined you on the path to success. We will advise you on preparing contracts of employment, understanding labor laws and selecting the appropriate social security contributions.

You can entrust us with your monthly payroll accounting, prompt salary payments and annual statements (salary statements, old age and survivors´ insurance (OASI), occupational accident insurance (UVG), daily sickness allowance (KTG) and pension plan statements). This gives you more time for what counts, such as employee appraisals.

We think beyond the numbers. We think of you and your employees too!


We´re There for You − as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As a CFO, we can provide all accounting and financial controlling services on-site. We have the appropriate specialist knowledge, and we are very well organized. We can help you with all common accounting standards (OR, Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS/IAS and US-GAAP).

Do you need a temporary addition to your executive board? Do you need more time for your core competencies? We are here for you. All you need to do is call. We are happy to listen−and are sure to have an idea.

We think beyond the numbers. We think of you too!


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